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Mr. Bill Gates and Mr. Paul Allen were the founding fathers of Microsoft; their baby was born on April 4, 1975. Little did they or anyone else in the world as we know it has any clue what this baby was going to grow up to be. Microsoft is now and has been both financially and worldwide a giant in the software, gaming, and computer industries. Of course, nothing is ever perfect and especially with a product as large and with as many users, therefore Microsoft Support needs to be as good as their products are. There’s a large variety of Microsoft Products now e.g. large software suites such as Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, multiple versions of Microsoft Windows, and many Microsoft Games. Add to that Microsoft now has Xbox and the massive variety of games and features that come along with it, there is a need for Microsoft Support. Then somewhere along the way, Microsoft introduced the Surface, their very own tablet, that can take the place of a laptop. People needed Microsoft support with just regular windows PC’s in general, now they have a tablet that they can use as their laptop, with a pen to write and a touch screen to operate. Microsoft Support is much needed just to help people to get it up and running.

Microsoft has to have a solid support system in place to keep all of their customers happy especially with the massive amount of products that they sell. The Microsoft Support Center Site is very easy to use; once you are on the site itself,, you can easily maneuver your way around to find the product you may need support. There is also a search bar where you can type in what you are seeking support for, and a line that asks you “which product do you need help with?”. The Microsoft Support site also has a “contact us” portion with the contact info listed e.g. for locations around the world to be able to communicate with the country in which you reside. Making it easy for you to speak to someone at Microsoft Support if you need technical assistance that you cannot find the answers to on the website. There is also an area to report any scam activity that you may have received, Microsoft Support takes all scam activity very seriously and wants to hear about it so they can investigate it.

Everyone knows that Microsoft is famous for coming out with new versions of Windows, in the mere days we had Windows 3.1, then it went to Windows 95 which had to have the Microsoft Support lines ringing off the hook. Then along came Windows 98, ME and then Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 & 8 now we have Windows 10. I am not too positive why Microsoft always thinks that newer is better, Vista and then 7, were excellent operating systems. Now according to Microsoft Support, they are all supposed to be very easy to install, run smoothly and have no fit issues. Wi-Fi should connect effortlessly, and all of your peripheral devices should work with ease. Not so simple, there seem to be almost as many problems with Windows 10 as there were with 95 when it first came out. How great can it be if Microsoft is pretty much pushing it down your throat every time you log on to your PC as a free download. Keep in mind; nothing is ever free everything comes with a price. The price of Windows 10 is a high one, one that will have you searching Microsoft Support more than once, while you are pulling your hair out. The installation process in itself is a very complicated procedure, and if you are lucky enough actually to make it through all the on-screen questions, and do everything it instructs you to do without having to seek help from Microsoft Support, you have hit the jackpot.

Let’s just say you are that lucky, and when you reboot your computer, the real fun starts, have another device near you with Microsoft Support’s webpage open, you are going to need it. No matter what Microsoft may say, or what Microsoft support may try to convince you of when they are attempting to fix your issue, this is a very unstable operating system. The black screen of death is a familiar look, as is it friend the blue one. Graphics are highly volatile, causing the PC to freeze up for no apparent reason. Printers, scanners and previous versions of software all new drivers, and even then some still will not work with this release. The biggest problem with Windows 10, is Microsoft Support for the problem, there are no replies to the issues in the Microsoft Support forum or the community, and trying to find a phone number is the needle in the haystack.

Ask Support Center at 1-844-760-5119 (Toll-free) to get tech support for Microsoft, we love to help resolving issues.
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