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Microsoft Phone Support

You have just spent almost an entire month’s salary on a brand new shiny Microsoft Windows PC. Sadly, to your disappointment when going to set it up you are missing the install DVD and you cannot log on to it. You try to use a copy of Microsoft Windows 7 that you purchased but that will not work. You are at your wit’s end, nothing left to do but contact Microsoft Phone Support. You start digging through all of the documentation that came in the box, there has to be a phone number here for Microsoft Phone Support. You try to console yourself think you are just stressed out and have overlooked it. Although you know that is not the case at all.

Time to pull out your phone and do a search for the phone number for Microsoft Phone Support, you know what lies ahead on this journey and you are fuming. You just opened the box and you are going to have to play phone games with Microsoft Phone Support, how insane is this? You dial the phone and you get the recording welcoming you to Microsoft Phone Support then you get put on hold. What appears to be an eternity, actually 39 minutes later someone at Microsoft Phone Support answers. This very kind soul apology to you more than once for the problem you are having. The Microsoft Phone Support Tech tries to convince you that this sort of thing never happens. Like that matters to you; seeing as it is going on and it is happening to you, right now. Now for the best part of this lovely lady at Microsoft Phone Support’s story is she cannot even help you because that issue is not of her department. She will however transfer you to another person at Microsoft Phone Support

Your Head is Just About to Blow

You are in shock and at a complete loss for words now, you do not even know what to say. All you are sure of is you want to get your brand new PC working. So, you decide that you are going to be patient and wait to be transferred and you wait. Microsoft Phone Support definitely will not be winning any popularity contest today. Finally, after a brief wait someone is on the phone they finally listen and say they can help you. The person at Microsoft Phone Support tells you that they will overnight you the software that you need to get your new PC up and running.

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