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Microsoft Customer Support

Microsoft Customer Support was once the best of any product; now it seems almost impossible actually to speak to a person at Microsoft Customer Support. Why? Have they gotten to be that high tech that their website now handles all of their customer service needs? Or Have they just gotten way too big to be able to deal with all of the issues at hand? Maybe Microsoft Customer Support is now all on their website because they are having so many problems that this is the easiest way to deal with consumers.

Whatever the issue with Microsoft Customer Support may be it is rather bizarre that a corporation as large as this one and worth 70 billion dollars in 2015, cannot at least have a person that you could speak to at Microsoft Customer Support. Of course; the support website is top notch, it has all the bells and whistles that one could expect from such an enterprise, but when you have an urgent situation who has time to wait for an email reply.

The Microsoft Customer Support website has some useful features; it has a search bar where you can type the topic in that you are having problems with if lady luck is on your side there just may be answers to your problem. Then there is the “ask the community” tab; this would be a link to an area on the Microsoft Customer Support site that brings you to a forum of other frustrated Microsoft customers. It is a place for people to post a question and hope that another user has had the same thing happen with their product and can tell them how to resolve it.

The area in site that you may find the most useful is where you can press the icon of the product you are having an issue with, it will then bring you to the area where there is a ton of information and links to trouble shoot.

The “contact us” link, is not what you would hope it would be, one would expect for a phone number, no that would be too simple. Microsoft Customer Support has a box for you to tell them what product you are using and what is malfunctioning,┬áthe information then will be emailed to them and you get to wait to hear back from them.

Technologically speaking Microsoft Customer Support is a well laid out website, but when you need technical assistance you need it from a live expert agent who may be able to solve your problem before it gets worse.

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