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Facebook Privacy Issue
Facebook Privacy Issue
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Facebook Privacy Issue

Facebook hit the internet on February 4, 2004; created by a college sophomore named Mark Zuckerberg and some of his roommates. They came up with this genius idea in their dorm room; little did these guys have the slightest clue that their idea was going to be the largest Social Media Network making them all billionaires at very young ages. As with anything on the internet today, there are Facebook Privacy Issue, so needless to say there is a need for Facebook Customer Support to help guide you through any problems you may run across. There is a direct phone number that you can call for regarding Facebook privacy issue. Facebook Customer Support offers a vast amount of knowledge on just about everything involving Facebook privacy issue.

Experts say that Facebook has approximately a billion users already and every day over 700,000 new members join, create new profiles where they may be putting up too much of their actual real personal data, so Facebook privacy issue will continue to occur.

Some of the issue that Facebook Customer Support states, “can potentially help avoid Facebook privacy issue.”

  1. Only accept friends request from people that you know
  2. Do not disclose your complete Birthdate
  3. Do not post your email address
  4. Be very careful about posting your personal information such as your phone number and physical address
  5. Disable some of the “bells and whistles” options until you want to use them
  6. Set you profile to exactly who you want to be able to see your posts and your page.
  7. Never give anyone your password, occasionally change your password.
  8. If you think that someone other than yourself has been using your account, change your password immediately, then contact Facebook customer support.

If after doing these things to your Facebook Account, you are still having Facebook privacy issue, then it is time to look into Facebook Customer Support.

On the Facebook Customer Support page, where you will find answers to an incredible amount of Facebook privacy issue. It gives you the knowledge on setting your controls for who can see your profile pictures and who can contact you via your profile and let you know what to do if you get hacked. It also allows you to know how to trust people that send friends requests and how to delete requests of people you do not care to add. You can learn how to block people that are annoying you for any reason, and how to report anything that you find offensive. It can guide you through making sure that your privacy settings stay set so that nothing gets through your account that may cause any Facebook privacy issue.

Ask Support Center at 1-844-738-7011 (Toll-free) to get right tech support for Facebook, We love to help resolving issues.
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