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  1. Ricky Greenwalt says:

    I could not get Candy Crush 2 link up with my Facebook 4/2 weeks I tried and tried but it would not link up so I had 2 uninstall it and every time I do I lose everything I had over 541 lives all kinds of bombs that I lost this happens all the time and I would like to know why and every time it does I have to uninstall and reinstall and I lose everything but it puts me right back on what level I left on why does it take everything else away from me I am getting tired of this there has to be an explanation for this this is the third time this has happened the last time I had over 1000 lives is there anyway I can get this back

    • admin says:

      Once a day before you start playing you may do this to make things happen smoothly.

      1. CLOSE CCS
      2. Go to, Settings > Facebook > Allow these apps to use your account.
      3. Then for Candy Crush slide to off, then slide to on.
      4. Open CCS, it will ask you to connect.
      5. If it doesn’t then you probably didn’t close out of the app completely.

      This works but doesn’t have to be done everyday

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